Perms have had a Makeover!


Okay we all know THOSE perms from back in the day and can probably name our favourite perm diva…

maybe Olivia Newton- John’s makeover in Grease, Glen Close’s Fatal Attraction or perhaps Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. There are lots to choose from and of course following their lead we were all trying the perming sensation in the 80’s including our very own Cora!

But times are a- changing and the modern perm is all about bespoke finishes, gentle processing and a shortcut to your best waves and curls yet. At Cora Hair this service is growing in popularity for everyone and it’s men’s hairstyling that’s driving the trend…

So what is different about the modern perm?
In the past crispy, tight curls were the only choice but now the focus is on condition of hair and bespoke curl types.

Here’s what you need to know…

✔️Perming is a chemical process so to ensure your hair stays in pristine condition investment in a hydrating conditioner is essential for long term maintenance.

✔️Perms work on any hair texture including naturally curly hair to reset the curl and reduce frizz.

✔️For any perm service the starting condition of the hair is key. Our Perming Specialists, Cora and Aroug can advise especially for hair that is dry, heat- damaged or over- processed.

✔️The range of curl that can be achieved depends on the placement of the curling rods, anything from a tighter, spiral curl to beachy, smoother waves.

✔️Don’t be put off if your hair is already coloured, this does not rule you out from a perming service.

✔️Permed hair can be heat styled with a blow dryer or irons in the normal way.

✔️It’s in the name a permanent service, enjoy your new waves or curls for up to 6 months.

What does it cost to be part of the modern perm trend?

Perming services start from £50 for a Mens Top Section to £120 for extra long hair.

Book a free consultation with our Perming Specialists Cora or Aroug to find out more. Tap Book Now or call us on 0121 233 9993

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