We’re In! The Green Salon Collective, support sustainable hairdressing


Our Green Service has landed at Cora Hair. We can now recycle hair, used foils and empty colour tubes… all the things we thought were unrecyclable! The Green Salon Collective works to transform every single piece of ‘rubbish’ into something useful. We’re proud to be part of the C ollective and doing our bit for a greener future!

What happens to our waste? Reuse/ Recycle/ Repurpose

Hair can be reused or recycled in over 10 different ways… our favourites, making hair booms and mats to help clear up oil spills, resusing hair by composting or making into gardening twine and research and development to find more ways to use our throw away hair.

All dirty foils and empty colour tubes are sorted and processed by GSC recycling partners. At the moment only 1% of foil is recycled across the industry. That’s a lot of aluminium going into landfill!

Chemical colour waste is used to generate electricity. It is sent to a specialist facility and burnt to ash to generate heat & electricity

Even more feel good factor… recycling profits

A 100% of any profits from recycling metals or return box sales goes into supporting tree planting efforts or charities such as haircuts for the homeless and food cycle providing vegetarian meals to those who need it in the community.

So how can all this be done?

At Cora Hair we have chosen to join Green Salon Collective to specifically recycle hair, foils and colour tubes. (our GWA provider takes care of paper and plastics for us) When we reviewed our offer we looked at ways to include a Green Service and this now makes up £1 of your services at Cora Hair. We are really excited to be part of the Collective we’re in good company alongside our leading partner brands Wella, Zen Hair, Kerastase, Pulp Riot and the National Hair and Beauty Federation.

Good to know

Green Salon Collective is a Certified B Corporation or B Corp verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social & environmental performance, transparency, & accountability. Score 113.7 (avg company 50.9) A B Corp is scored across 5 areas to give a holistic view of the comapny and the ethics of the whole business and it’s impact.


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